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Let´s get your prop tech startup going



The possibilities for innovation, disruption and productivity-enhancing opportunities in the property estate industry are endless! 

NRGIZE is a program dedicated to helping talented Prop tech startups accelerate their progress. NRGIZE is here to help and we are dedicated to giving you all the help we can.

We have created NRGIZE because we truly believe in co-creation and beehive minds and we also know the value of meeting the right people early on.



Book a meeting with one or more of our participating startups. An unique concept where you as a property owner or other key player in the industry get a unique insight into the latest technology and the very latest solutions within Prop tech!

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Why should you join NRGIZE accelerate program?

If you’re an early-stage Prop tech startup and think you’re ready to take the game (and profit!) up a few notches, we’re looking for you. And if you want to scale up, learn from successful entrepreneurs and imbibe cross-domain knowledge about everything entrepreneurship, you should hit us up.

Lunch at Conference
Accelerate program
NRGIZE accelerate 

From ambition to acceleration - we support start-ups and founders at early stages. 

Join our startup program with events, matchmaking and workshops. 

Customer or partner match making

Meet your first customer with us. We match all participating startups with one for your relevant customer or partner. 


At our events you will have the opportunity to meet other startups who are part of the program and of course also our partners in the real estate industry.

Business developement

Our accelerate program provides individual business coaching related to program content.

Why Eskisltuna

Why Eskilstuna?

Eskilstuna is strategically located with easy access to Stockholm and the whole of Mälardalen. More than 6000 companies operate in Eskilstuna and the whole area has a long tradition of innovation and creative thinking. Eskilstuna city is expanding and growing with actors such as Mälardalen University, Eskilstuna Logistics and Establishment, and Destination Eskilstuna all working together. 

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