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In Nrgize, you will receive highly qualified individually tailored business development support for 6 months and a personal business coach with background and experience as an entrepreneur in your particular area. In addition, access to a large network of partners and potential clients in the real estate industry, resources, experts and contacts who help you reach your goals faster.

Who can apply?

Nrgize is a program for startups with longer development cycles within Proptech. To fit in as Nrgize, you should recognize the following:

  • Prototype launched

  • Business concept based on an innovative technology

  • Solves a clear, large and important problem

  • Some early proofs of concepts

  • Scalable product or service that can become an international success story

  • Team with at least two founders who are strong in both technology and business development and with the drive and ambition to build a successful growth company. We award mixed teams in terms of gender and ethnicity.

The application and selection Nrgize takes place twice a year, autumn and spring. Contact one of Nrgize business coaches if you are interested or submit your application here and we will contact you soon. 

When to apply?
  • Your application must be submitted to us by August 24

  • Decisions on admission will be announced on September 1st

  • The Nrgize program in autumn 2020 starts on September 4th

Apply to NRGIZE

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