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Interview with Jens Carlberg

NRGIZE had the opportunity to meet up with Jens Carlberg for a conversation about entrepreneurship in Eskilstuna and the initiatives Eskilstuna Evolution Center and NRGIZE.

Who is Jens Carlberg & what is your role at Eskilstuna municipality?

“I am the manager at Eskilstuna municipality business development unit. We support companies to help them increase their growth and innovative power.

We help future entrepreneurs through various initiatives with the goal of strengthening their leadership and competitiveness.

We also focus in strengthening women's entrepreneurship and leadership through a special Women executive program where, among other things, they educate with the goal of becoming investors.

“Eskilstuna municipality through our business development unit offer a program for young entrepreneurs; the young executive program where we through education and networks inspire young entrepreneurs. These programs and networks create a role models that we believe are very important for future startups”.

As a further step in this initiative, Eskilstuna municipality offers a mentoring program where a young entrepreneur can get support from an established entrepreneur which is very much appreciated.

"Lifelong learning is proven to be important and this also applies to entrepreneurs, we can all learn from each other," Jens continues.

Eskilstuna municipality collaborate with several other business supporting organizations such as Ung Företagssamhet, Idélab at Mälardalen University, Create Business Incubator, New in Sweden, Almi and so on to name a few.

Energy Evolution Center is an example of a meeting arena where innovative technology can meet with established companies and academia and college regarding the energy issue, this is something we see as extremely exciting and important” Jens continues.

NRGIZE is part of Energy evolution center where startups with cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge expertise within the proptech (property technology)

area participate in a digital incubator with the goal of doing business with established real estate companies.

"Finding an arena for the top startups to create relationships that generate business together with our real estate companies is extremely exciting and something we really believe in," says Jens.

Through NRGIZE we provide the best possible conditions for property owners in Eskilstuna, where green innovations generate great business opportunities. Real business is created between startups and real estate companies at the same time as it helps us to achieve the global sustainability goals faster.

The startups in NRGIZE also works as demonstrations which in turn inspire new energy saving projects. This is relevant in so many ways.

Right now, ten companies are participating in NRGIZE. The goal is a total of 25 during startups 2021 of which ten will be within the area of ​​digitization. Other measurable goals for the project are that at least 15 real business deals with property owners within the municipality must be carried out and that 2-5 establishments of innovative companies must take place in Eskilstuna municipality.

Due to the pandemic, digital transformation has accelerated and become even more relevant. Through various initiatives whereas Energy Evolution Center and NRGIZE are two of them we stimulate and support startups to find the best possible climate for innovation and profitable businesses.

Therefor is and confidence that we will be strengthened into 2021.


With this in mind we look ahead with optimism and confidence, we believe in Eskilstuna's innovative power.

Jens Carlberg manager at Eskilstuna municipality business development unit

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