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Get to know Pernilla Kjellström, the program manager running Eskilstunas Proptech accelerator Nrgize

Updated: May 6, 2021

NRGIZE is the accelerator program that attracts companies with cutting-edge expertise within prop tech from all over Europe. Pernilla Kjellström at Eskilstuna municipality is the program manager running NRGIZE and below she tells us a little more about the program and how it contributes to development of the municipality.

Pernilla Kjellström has a background in behavioral science but came in contact with the startup culture early on when she lived in USA for several years. During Pernillas approximately 15 years abroad she worked, among other things, with coaching professional athletes and thereby became interested in team development and the underlying psychology.

Since her return to Sweden Pernilla has mainly worked with upcoming startup companies and is today a rockstar on the startup scene. Pernilla is behind several successful accelerators, one example in addition to Eskilstuna's own NRGIZE is Think in Helsingborg. Pernilla is also a frequent jury member for different start up awards, participates in various advisory boards for several startups and has a genuine passion for startups. She is also a certified scrum master (!).

Pernilla has a solid background working with startups from many different business areas such as Femtech, Horsetech, Cleantech and so on. In recent years her interest in Proptech and digital transformation has increased. Everything related to open source and open data is of particular interest to Pernilla. NRGIZE value collaboration, hive mind and transparency and this is reflected in the NRGIZE work process.

Today Pernilla is also employed by Eskilstuna municipality where she is, among other things, the program manager and co-founder of NRGIZE, which is financed by Eskilstuna municipality.

“NRGIZE has a completely unique profile that feels extremely interesting and relevant. The connection to reduced energy, sustainability and digital transformation in an industry that is undergoing enormous development feels incredibly exciting”.

Pernilla Kjellström

Pernilla highlights that Eskilstuna municipality is at the forefront and has one of the country's most progressive municipal real estate companies in K-fast who are constantly interested in taking part in new technology and new services. Pernilla underlines that Eskilstuna's municipal real estate company K-fast early on showed an openness and great interest in new technology and that this was a prerequisite for being able to establish NRGIZE right here in Eskilstuna.

NRGIZE receives applications from all over Scandinavia and Europe and then hand-pick startups with established cutting-edge expertise in Proptech. What the startups have in common is that they want to establish business in Eskilstuna with surrounding area and seek cooperation in the municipality and other organizations in region.

“We know that magic happens when you succeed in attracting companies of the dignity we have in NRGIZE. This companies are all disruptive and drive the digital transformation forward. They have an high degree of maturity and a very high technical skills; this creates synergy effects on many different levels”

Pernilla Kjellström

All of the startups in NRGIZE are all excelling in their designated areas. The startups all have

a product and / or service and they are looking to be matched against the right people and businesses in the region. Through NRGIZE unique agile work process, these companies are matched with the right contacts and can therefor excel in their progress.

NRGIZE ultimate goal is that the startups succeed in collaboration, projects and enhance their business network while the real estate companies get to take part in new technology which increases their competitiveness. NRGIZE also provide a platform for much needed tech transfer that greatly benefits real estate owners and organizations in our area.

“Our experience is that our real estate owners are open to meet our companies and are interested in new technology. With the Energy Evolution Center in place Eskilstuna will be an arena for innovative solutions that lead to real energy conversion, increased competitiveness in companies and secure long-term supply of skills”

Pernilla Kjellström

Pernilla spends a lot of her time at international conferences and participates in global networks. NRGIZE global network is growing and are welcoming new partners and startups from all over the world.

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