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Reduce energy use in your property portfolio - Tech startup Envista has the method

Are you aware of the strengths and weaknesses in the heat performance of your particular property portfolio? Are you investing in the right type of measures? Do you have the right ‘birds eye’ view to engage your staff and for taking the right strategic decisions? Or do you have the feeling that you have already ‘done it all’, but still have another 10% savings to locate to be able to fulfill your goals?

These are just some of the challenges that tech startup Envista AB helps their customers to solve.

"Ekilstuna's municipal real estate company K-fast was one of the first real estate companies to test our method. K-fast works against high set goals, have high competence among their employees who also have the management’s support – three important success factors for the energy saving work”.

Teodor Hovenberg, CEO and founder of Envista AB.

Envista have been working continuously with K-fast for some time now and recently they co-hosted and participated in a very exciting workshop where Envista together with K-fast's CEO Fredrik Elf, energy strategist Lukas Lundström and moderator Fredrik Bauer encouraged the staff to continue working for reduced energy use and climate impact.

"Gathering employees and conducting a creative dialogue based on a common picture of the challenge is something that all property owners should do."

Teodor Hovenberg

Envista is one of the companies with cutting-edge expertise within proptech participating in NRGIZE accelerator program hosted by Eskilstuna municipality. Envista has developed a unique and 100 % digital method for benchmarking and visualizing the heating performance of properties. Envistas method raises the issues of energy saving to a strategic level that is more inclusive and engaging than the traditional key figure and trend analyzes. Envistas method clarifies the strengths and weaknesses of a particular property portfolio. The method is based on statistical analysis of government data in combination with (among other things) the building's 3D geometry, as well as current energy statistics.

The results of the analysis are visual and have the ability to interest and engage the entire staff and create a platform for a more visionary and evidence-based work forward.

Envista plans to establish their method among the majority of the professional property owners in Sweden and preferably also within the district heating sector and among the technical consultants active in the business field.

“Building a platform for a more creative and objective conversation between key players within the energy sector is probably a prerequisite for us to be able to build truly sustainable energy systems in the future.”

Teodor Hovenberg Envista AB

If you want to know more about Envista's offers contact and book a free demo.

Read more about Envista here: & look

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