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RG Bostad; the family owned real estate company that develops Eskilstuna with heart & soul

This week it was time for us at NRGIZE to have a conversation with the owner and CEO of RG Bostad, Anders Kruhsberg and his employee Jens Lord, business developer and business manager. RG Bostad is a family owned business founded by Anders' grandfather Reinhold Gustafson as early as 1956. RG Bostad works with property development, primarily with housing but other projects also occur. All projects are run with sustainable and long-term goals and each project involves a unique adaptation.

Anders has a great pride in being a community builder. The pride of being a community builder is a central part of the business. The commitment as a community builder has been present throughout the company's entire history. During our conversation its noticeable that the local community in Eskilstuna and the municipality's countryside is dear to him.

From left, Jens Lord, Business development manager, Anders Kruhsberg, CEO RG Bostad

“I am born and raised in Näshulta south of Eskilstuna. The city of Eskilstuna the has a special place in my heart and I love being a part of the citys deveopement. We really put our soul into every project, we also prioritize, and focus mainly on projects that brings us joy. We do not commit to things because we have to but because we want to. A project should always provide something new for the city or the countryside - based on that, we choose our projects. ” Anders continues.

With these words from RG Bostad CEO we feel very happy and grateful that Anders, Jens and RG Bostad choose to get involved in NRGIZE and collaborate with the companies that participate in the program. Anders and Jens take it for granted to get involved in initiatives such as NRGIZE based on several different aspects. Partly based on taking the opportunity as a well established company to help startups move on to the next step in the form of feedback and validation of products and services. In addition, they consider it incredibly valuable for RG Bostad to take part in new innovations and technologies in the industry as a form of external monitoring and future exploration and thus be at the forefront.

“It is also incredibly fun and valuable that Eskilstuna takes a leading role in the important and highly current area of ​​proptech. Ofcoruse we want to be involved and attract more companies to the region. Eskilstuna municipality is on an exciting journey but we will need more companies and more expertise, it is both our duty and our responsibility to get involved. In addition, it is great fun and gives a lot in return ”.

- says Jens Lord, Business Development & Operations Manager.

Jens Lord further says that they have met several of the participating startup companies on at least one occasion and two of the companies have chosen to go ahead with a little more indepth meetings. Covid-19 has delayed the process somewhat, but he believes that there are good chances of starting up pilot projects and future collaborations in the future. RG Bostad has several planned meetings with new startup companies and thinks that the quality is generally high. Together, they will make sure to have meetings with the companies you have not yet had time to meet and think it is very rewarding to have the chance to meet in this way, despite the pandemic. When the conversation comes to Eskilstuna and the city's future development and potential, the energy startups and Anders as CEO looks very optimistic about the future;

“Eskilstuna is growing and with that comes great opportunities. New homes need to be built and older ones renovated. We need to seize on these fantastic opportunities and I am so happy that the municipality of Eskilstuna is taking a leading part in the area of ​​proptech in this exemplary way. As Mälardalen University becomes a university and the Energy evolution center is built and with projects such as NRGIZE, we have the opportunity to become a leader in this area throughout the country ”.

It is clear that RG Bostad will continue to develop properties with heart and soul and continue to be very committed to Eskilstuna and the city's future. We at NRGIZE look forward to a continued good collaboration with what must be one of Sweden's most engaging real estate companies. Thank you Anders and Jens for your involvement in Eskilstuna and NRGIZE.

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