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Robert Brånn, new head of construction and property development at K-fast

Since 1 September this year, Robert Brånn has been the new construction and property development manager in Eskilstuna through his employment at K-fast. He most recently worked for Karlskoga municipality where he was operations manager for technology and real estate. His main responsibilities atK-fast include four main areas such as procurement, construction service, operations organization and project department. The reasons why Robert Brånn accepted the offer from K-fast are several according to him;

“I have extensive experience from municipal organizations and K-fast has a very strong brand and is really at the forefront when it comes to innovation, sustainability and the courage to think outside the box. K-fast really want to do something, sustainability for real. Eskilstuna will be perhaps Sweden's greenest city and I want to be part of that journey and make some real change”.

Robert explains that K-fast buildings are digitally connected to Siemens system desigo CC for smart properties and K-fast will soon be the largest user in Sweden of the system. As the properties are connected, the system generates a large amount of data that can be used in a number of ways. Among other things, with the help of A1 (artificial intelligence), energy peaks can be measured and the energy flows controlled based on these measurements. At the moment, a project is being carried out together with Myrspoven regarding energy use in properties. Myrspoven is also one of the companies in NRGIZE.

The process with the digitalization of K-fast, both within the business and the real estate portfolio, is of a high priority says Robert;

“The dream would be to create digital twins and an open system for data where you can use A1 to streamline energy use and, for example, use QR codes to handle error reports and so on. The possibilities are endless! We have started the journey to get there and I can see us there in a few years”

When it comes to properties of the future and what may be deal breakers for property owners' competitiveness in the future, Robert believes that for K-fast, it will be important to continue to dare to go outside the comfort zone and make bold decisions. In concrete terms this can mean, for example, constantly building climate-neutral and circular buildings. Robert believes that a common objection to build for example in wood within the industry is often that this would cost more. But Robert is convinced that this does not always have to be the case. However, it requires commitment and knowledge throughout the whole organization. Competent and up to date project managers, purchasers as well as procurers are needed who is ready make the right decisions.

“Commitment within the organization is a must. There have to be a real commitment and that the reality at K-fast. We work actively to create a commitment among our employees - we truly are community builders”

Robert Brånn

K-fast has a clear focus on developing the region and attracting cutting-edge expertise. They also have high set goals when it comes to the digitization process and has recently drawn a roadmap to achieve their goals and target numbers. These applies to both office employees, to technicians in the field and the property portfolio. There is a plan for how K-fast, step by step and year by year through activities and sub-goals, will switch to a fully digitalized community builder. Through measurement data, A1 and constant digital connection these goals will be achieved, says Robert.

Robert Brånn and K-fast believes that Eskilstuna as a city is facing a very positive development with a bright future ahead;

“The fact that MDH will be a university is fantastic and it will mean a lot to our region. The university contains a lot of support and expertise which is invaluable when you want to build Sweden's greenest city. Eskilstuna is also something of a logistics hub, which has been shown through large establishments lately. We have all the prerequisites to become extremely strong in sustainability, innovation and not least in community building and real estate. A strong city with a clear sustainability profile attracts the right companies, the right skills and that is the way forward”.

NRGIZE welcomes Robert Brånn to his new position and we are extremely happy that Robert has taken on Eskilstuna and we look forward to a continued good collaboration with K-fast.

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