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Sehlhall properties - brave community builders enable Eskilstuna future energy center.

Sehlhall properties was founded as early as 2009 with the business idea of ​​developing and owning community properties, primarily senior housing. Sehlhall builds social infrastructure where they create new safe housing and the conditions for high-quality care, just as people deserve. A community builder with cutting-edge expertise in care and nursing properties - a growing and highly current industry.

NRGIZE has met one of the co-owners in Sehlhall, business developer Alexander Lundvall. Alexander was born and raised in Eskilstuna and has a past in politics, among other things. Alexander is a man with many interests and talents and he has always been appealed by the real estate industry, which since 2015 has been his full-time job. Alexander's commitment to Eskilstuna is great and he firmly believes in a very positive development for the city.

“There is an enormous untapped potential in Eskilstuna, there is a lot to do and a lot that is already being done. The work that several key players have done together is now beginning to bear fruit and we see the positive effects it brings daily.”

Alexander Lundvall Sehlhall properties.

Sehlhall builds, owns and manages properties adapted for care, nursing and school, such as nursing homes for example but their latest project is a little more unusual. Energy Evolution Center is a new center for energy conversion for Eskilstuna municipality in collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency.

Alexander explains:

We do not usually build energy centers, but of course we want to be part of this; it´s really at the forefront. We would like to be involved and contribute to meeting the major challenges by building a smarter house”.

Alexander describes the Energy Evolution Center as a highly interesting project that is likely to have great significance and impact on Eskilstuna's innovation and attractiveness. How the house is built is innovative in itself. Alexander explains how they among other things reuses an old concrete frame, carpets that are made of old fishing nets and other smart, sustainable and long-term solutions. Alexander believes that the Energy Evolution Center will be an important part of Eskilstuna's future innovative power and a hub for promising startups and business, an arena for events and a natural meeting place.

“Co-working is becoming increasingly popular but is still a relatively new phenomenon, it's fun to be part of that journey with the Energy evolution center. Through a meeting arena like this with such a clear connection to the future university, the opportunity is given to raise important issues in society and business - we are really looking forward to that”

Alexander Lundvall Sehlhall properties.

Sehlhall properties is part of NRGIZE as they see it as their chance to give something useful back to the startups in the form of feedback and the chance to test and verify services and products. By talking and collaborating with startups in the project, they can both give something back while taking part of cutting-edge expertise within proptech. Sehlhall properties has met four of the companies that are currently participating in the project and plans are underway to start pilot projects with one or two of these. In addition, there are several companies you have not yet met but believe you can find synergy effects with.

“It is wonderful if we through conversations and collaboration can influence the startups in the right direction from our perspective as prospective customers. It is important for startups to quickly find their USP and I think we can help with that”

Alexander Lundvall.

Alexander's belief in Eskilstuna is undoubtedly and he believes that there are very good conditions for the city going forward. By investing even more in research and development in the energy sector, Alexander believes that companies with cutting-edge technology will find their way to Eskilstuna, which in turn develops the service sector, expands infrastructure and logistics and pushes up wage levels. For Sehlhall properties its a given thing to be a force to be reckoned with on Eskilstuna's growth journey and we are so proud and grateful to have a partner like Sehlhall properties in NRGIZE.

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