The startup program


At our events you will have the opportunity to meet other startups who are part of the program and of course also our partners in the real estate industry.

Workshop program

Our workshop program provides hands-on advice and tools for you, your team and your startup

Individual business coaching

As a participant in the program, you get individual business coaching and contact the business community among the program's broad network.

Workshop program


Product market fit

Product/market fit describes the stage of a startup company where they have successfully identified a target customer and serve them with the right product - how close are you?


Market strategy

Creating a killer marketing plan doesn't have to cost a lot of money. All that is required is your time, effort and creativity.


how to sell

Get your sales going - it starts with you!


economy and finances 

How to keep track of your startups financial management and financing


how to talk to an investor

What are the does end donts when talking to an investor

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